Opel Astra Vxr

Wavetrac Atb Lsd For Gm F40 6mt Vauxhall / Opel Astra J Vxr / Opc 2012

Wavetrac Atb Lsd For Gm F40 6mt Vauxhall / Opel Astra J Vxr / Opc 2012

Wavetrac Atb Lsd For Gm F40 6mt Vauxhall / Opel Astra J Vxr / Opc 2012    Wavetrac Atb Lsd For Gm F40 6mt Vauxhall / Opel Astra J Vxr / Opc 2012
Wavetrac atb lsd for gm f40 6mt vauxhall / Opel astra j vxr / opc 2012. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below a machine translation in French.

If you have any questions please contact us. Before ordering, please contact us to check availability. Wavetrac atb lsd for gm f40 6mt vauxhall/opel astra j vxr/opc 2012>.

In simple terms - wavetrac is the only gear differential on the market that does not lose all its drive when an axle is unloaded. The axles discharge during aggressive driving, turn on the runway, extremely slippery surfaces, etc. This happens more than most people think. We will not address the relationship of torque polarization or the concept of the functioning of torque polarization differentials at this stage.

Let's see how wavetrac affects performance: for example, you have a conventional gear differential oem, quaife, mf, obx, truetrac, torso, etc. , you are on a race track for a day on track and during bends, your inside wheel bumps on the edge. This is normal for track driving. The problem is that during the brief moments, your inner tire discharges when it bounces on the sidewalk edges, your other wheel is not driven - do not cut the current.

The speed differentials need a load on both axles to operate. The result on a runway (or during aggressive driving) is that a normal gear differential often provides only intermittent power to the grip wheel. Now, the same track with wavetrac: the patented cam device in the wavetrac prevents the loss of drive when this inner wheel is unloaded. The device is capable of generating a load inside the diff (to replace the lost load as it occurs) which can then be polarized to the grip wheel - ultimately, making the power distribution more coherent in a turn. This makes the car more predictable and faster overall. Other advantages: patented carbon fiber polarization plate for gables. All other gear-type lsds operate the pinions on the housing, which means that the friction of 0 miles is different from 100 miles, so efficiency is reduced during the life of the differential. With wavetrac the performance is consistent with carbon fiber bias plates! The patented waveform eliminates the effect of training capacity problems in close and zero load condition found in all other gear-type lsd atb.

Arp bolts used everywhere for faster superior reliability. The 9310 steel gears work in machined or forged steel bodies.

Made and designed in the U. Wavetrac: smooth is fast the beauty of wavetrac is that it is perfectly suited for high performance road cars that see track use. It is very solid, but transparent for driver electronics and traction control during normal driving.

On track or during road sports, it provides traction to both wheels without the problems of manoeuvrability created by traditional clutch differentials (there is no tendency to push/underturn with a wavetrac). The wavetrac surpasses the other gear differentials because unlike them, it will not lose drive when an axle is unloaded (which happens more often than you think). Finally, one of the most underestimated advantages of wavetrac is its fluid delivery of power close to the limit.

Its patented design allows a very predictable and fluid addition of power when you need it most - when things are at their limits: on the edge of the traction in the middle of the bend and using the accelerator to keep it; or enter a slightly hot bend, but quickly return to it to maintain the output speed.. these situations are often subjective for the driver, but the benefit is felt. The wavetrac makes you faster because it allows you to drive with confidence.

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    Manufacturer guarantee: 12 months
  1. kilometer: 12,000
  2. country of manufacture: united states
  3. Mark: wavetrac Manufacturer reference: 57.309.190wk
  4. product type: wavetrac limited slip differential
  5. Vehicle fastening: gm f40 6mt vauxhall/opel astra j vxr/opc 2012>

Wavetrac Atb Lsd For Gm F40 6mt Vauxhall / Opel Astra J Vxr / Opc 2012    Wavetrac Atb Lsd For Gm F40 6mt Vauxhall / Opel Astra J Vxr / Opc 2012