Opel Astra Vxr

Quantum 340lph Tank Fuel Pump Stealth Opel Astra & Corsa Vxr Opc

Quantum 340lph Tank Fuel Pump Stealth Opel Astra & Corsa Vxr Opc
Quantum 340lph Tank Fuel Pump Stealth Opel Astra & Corsa Vxr Opc
Quantum 340lph Tank Fuel Pump Stealth Opel Astra & Corsa Vxr Opc

Quantum 340lph Tank Fuel Pump Stealth Opel Astra & Corsa Vxr Opc    Quantum 340lph Tank Fuel Pump Stealth Opel Astra & Corsa Vxr Opc

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Quantum fuel pump 340lph intank steelth - vauxhall astra & corsa vxr opc. Lifetime warranty, in stock, shipped the same day. We ship around the world. Are you looking for an application-specific fuel pump for your 600+ whp construction? Quantum 340lph flextech fuel pumps come from the same proven source as the other 340lph pumps of "large brand".

Qfs supports each pump with a lifetime warranty, something you won't find with any other 340lph fuel pump. Coating: corrosion-resistant black plated steel with serial number engraved with laser. Non-return valve: non-return valve integrated into the fuel pump outlet. Applications: can be used on efi or carburized applications (carburized applications will require a replacement bypass style regulator). Wiring: universal thick pigtail of size 14 included.

Plug and play wiring harnesses included when available. Pipe: flexible corrugated hoses compatible with e85 included with gm and bmw kits. High pressure submersible rubber hose included with other kits. Flow rate tested independently by rc engineering. The body of the serialized fuel pump guarantees a lifetime warranty.

Input size: four different input configurations depending on the application; 22 mm (3/4") central input (qfs-340ft), 11 mm (0.433") offset input (qfs-341ft), 11 mm (0.433") parallel input (qfs-342ft), 19 mm (0.748") offset input (qfs-343ft). Output size: 8 mm output (0.315) with ardillon. Pump body diameter: 8 mm (1.540). Diversion valve: set to 125.8 psi, higher than the gss 255 lph series walbro pumps and the 400/450 lph walbro pumps. Use: can be used with return or return fuel systems, including pwm (pulse modulation systems). Fuel types: compatible with petrol or e85, although e85 can shorten the lifespan (but will not cancel our warranty). See our flow sheets for data. A slight modification is necessary to your fuel pump holder oem in order to adapt to the fuel pump 340lph or see the compact qfs-344ft for an oem fit! Delivered to owners and workshops vauxhall & Opel worldwide! Condition: 100% new design: intank flow rate: 340 lph. Power capacities: 600hp+ minimum voltage: 12 v operating pressure: 15-90 psi - final fuel pressure controlled by the regulator.

Total length: 5" length of the metal housing of the pump body: 3 1/8" diameter of the pump body: 1 1/2" diameter of inlet: 5/16" diameter of outlet: 5/16. Our name says everything, fuel performance, when it comes to fuel delivery, we covered it. Fuel performance limited is an online shop that continues to grow more and more. We offer unbeatable prices on a constantly increasing list of the performance parts of the world's leading brands.

In addition, we are proud to provide specialized assembly kits for all parts as far as possible. We specialize in fuel pump kits for automotive, automotive performance, motorcycles, scooters, vtts, utvs, tractors, jetskis, watercraft, marine and snowmobiles! Our goal is to provide a fast and efficient service of accurate assembly to our customers. We operate around the world and have offices, resellers, distributors and warehouses around the world.

We do not store credit card details and we do not share customer details with third parties! The commands cannot be recovered. Please note that under no circumstances will fuel performance ltd be held liable for labour or repair costs or any other costs incurred for parts deemed defective, defective or incorrect or for any other costs arising from the parts provided. Guarantees: We offer a complete factory warranty.

Be sure to read product-specific warranty conditions and procedures on manufacturers' websites before purchasing. A replacement will not be shipped until we have received the defective part and it has been tested and confirmed as defective by the manufacturer. Aem & innovative: aem & innovative offers complete technical assistance to customers that must be used before any warranty is processed. Aem/innovate/zeitronix does not guarantee o2 broadband sensors. Returns are accepted within 30 calendar days.

Purchased items must be in a new and unused condition and in the original package as received and the seal unbroken or opened. It is your responsibility to make sure that you buy the right item. If you receive your order and find something missing or damaged, you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving your order. About the seller's page. Quantum flextech e85 compatibile 340lph serbatoio fuel pompa & installazione kit.

Qfs 340lph intank benzin pump mit / einbau set steelth 340 turbine 200sx s13. Quantum fuel systems 340lph intank kraftstoffpumpe & einbausatz 11141 gss341. Quantum 340lph intank benzin pumpe mit / regler tank seal polaris atv's.

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  1. Vehicle location: rear
  2. oe/oem reference: aeromotive 11142, gss342, gss340, gss341
  3. mark: quantum fuel systems
  4. year: 5060501191091
  5. Manufacturer part number: qfs-342ft-vxr Other room number: gss340, gss341, gss342
  6. type: intank fuel pump kit

Quantum 340lph Tank Fuel Pump Stealth Opel Astra & Corsa Vxr Opc    Quantum 340lph Tank Fuel Pump Stealth Opel Astra & Corsa Vxr Opc