Opel Astra Vxr

Opel Meriva 1.6 Turbo 132kw Z16let Ticket Extending Turbocharger 53039700110

Opel Meriva 1.6 Turbo 132kw Z16let Ticket Extending Turbocharger 53039700110

Opel Meriva 1.6 Turbo 132kw Z16let Ticket Extending Turbocharger 53039700110  Opel Meriva 1.6 Turbo 132kw Z16let Ticket Extending Turbocharger 53039700110

Opel meriva 1.6 turbo 132kW z16let ticket extension turbocharger 53039700110. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us.

Astra h, j; corsa d vxr; badge; meriva 1.6 turbo has z16let. This turbocharger has been completely stripped, the standard parts have been replaced by the improved following parts: wheel billet compressor 51 mm on super light measurement with elongated tip (made in Germany) small resulting nose hub in a larger area of nut reverse-threaded shaft blade large thrust collar stainless steel last smooth high temperature thrust bearing race 360 ​​bearing with large thrust pad seals rear high-temperature oil. ¬ turbocharger core chra balanced using the vsr400''turbotechnics platform '' at a higher speed range to 180,000 rev / min. With tolerances of 0.5 g. Opel Astra 1.6 turbo h. From January 2007 Opel Astra 1.6 turbo j. From December 2009 Opel Corsa 1.6 turbo d. Opel corsa d 1.6 vxr.

Vauxhall insignia 1.6 turbo. Opel meriva 1.6 turbo has UCI.

In order to make our gentle hybrid turbocharger, you would need some mods to get the best results and avoid. Damage to the engine or turbocharger.

For best results and optimal boost numbers and HP, you would need. ¬ ECU personalized card turbos Phase 1 does not require immediate remapping and can be controlled with the parameters of the original engine, but to achieve maximum results, remapping is required. Other essential requirements when installing the turbo hybrid falcon internship 1. ¬ new oil and high quality oil filter. ¬ new oil supply pipe [available for purchase from us, contact for more information].

¬ new kit joints [supplied with a new turbo]. All work must be performed by a professional garage or a qualified technician. Bearings and seals improved: rings piston exhaust and compressor intermediate space + double oil supply thrust bearing, large pad.

Thrust collar into two parts. Wheel extended tip billet compressor: light, machined from a solid aluminum compressor wheel. Stronger and lighter than the standard cast aluminum wheel. Compressor wheel and back plate larger billet: hybrid turbos stage 2 have larger generally 5-7 mm.

Increase wheel billet compressor and custom billet backplate. The compressor cover is precision machined to fit more. Largest tree top speed: turbos Phase 3 are equipped with larger trees top speed to deal with excessive exhaust.

Flow due to the increased boost and fuel injection. Broadband trees have larger blades which allow more exhaust gas. They are also lighter with an improved design. Gtb2260v original weight of the wheel shaft 175 g, falcon turbo Developments. Improve the weight of the light shaft only 135 g.

Wastegate actuator improved: all turbos step 3 will come with improved actuators with different spring load settings. For pressure and optimum supercharging range. Payment 1.1 when cash sale, payment is due on the date of the invoice.

The customer is required to pay interest on any overdue payment at the base rate for the time of Lloyds bank plus 2%. 2.1 credit account when it is agreed that a customer will be entitled to a credit for a particular command, falcon turbo developments ltd (later ftd ltd) will establish an invoice for the goods supplied under this order. The customer must pay the full amount due for the invoice within 10 working days. Product Exchange 3.1 falcon turbo developments ltd will not accept the old units to exchange unless they meet the following requirements (i) the unit must be complete and must be removed in any way (ii) The unit must not have been accidental or deliberate damage. Surcharge 4.1 when it is agreed at the time of sale that old unit will be part of the consideration provided by the customer and the old unit is not provided by the customer to ftd Ltd. At the time of sale, fee will be payable by the customer. If the customer does not return the exchange unit within 14 days, the warranty of the turbocharger will be canceled and repayment retained by the seller. 5.1 Warranty if the products manufactured by ftd ltd prove to be defective during the warranty period due to a material or manufacturing defect, ftd ltd has, at its discretion, provide a product replacement or repair these defective products for free. If the official report of the supplier, the report of an independent expert or other official report indicates that the turbocharger is not faulty or defective due to installation or motor, additional costs for testing or other expenses are to be covered by the buyer. 5.2 The warranty period is the one indicated at the reception and is active from the date of invoice. 5.3 The warranty is between ftd ltd and the customer extending to the first end user of the initial sale ( \If the first consumer would sell the vehicle or engine on which the turbocharger provided by turbocare24 is mounted, the benefit of the unexpired does not automatically guarantee the new owner. Will not be responsible under warranty if the vehicle on which the product ftd ltd is mounted is not properly maintained in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Shall not be liable under the warranty if the standard turbocharger provided by and / or motor vehicle on which it is mounted is / are modified to increase power.

5.5.1 hybrid turbos stage 2 and 3 provided by ftd ltd must be installed and remapped the same time by setting a professional company on rolling road. Vehicles equipped with a turbo hybrid should not be conducted before being mapped, as it would increase the temperature of the exhaust gas and damage the turbo / engine. 5.5.2 hybrid turbos must be equipped with support mods and do not exceed the recommended specifications. 5.6 ftd ltd be liable under the warranty if the turbocharger is professionally installed garage, which could prove their work and the parts ordered by the sales receipt. 5.7 The warranty does not cover damage turbocharger caused by the impact of a foreign body from the exhaust or air intake, starvation / contamination of oil, overeating or temperature and pressure excessive exhaust gas.

5.7 the turbocharger ftd ltd guarantee ratio should be carefully studied and the work must be performed in accordance with recommended information. 5.8 ftd ltd the warranty does not apply to turbochargers used in any form of racing. Limitation of Liability 6.1 unless otherwise expressly stated herein, all representations, conditions, warranties and conditions, express or implied, common law, or other status, quality, condition or fitness for purpose of goods supplied by ftd ltd are excluded.

6.2 receiving customer information and delivery by ftd ltd goods specified in any order does not in any way a condition that the goods will be adapted for the purposes disclosed. 6.3 In no case ftd Ltd be liable for any loss or direct, indirect or consequential or otherwise of any kind whatsoever, as a result of the sale or manufacture or installation or the use of the goods provided by them, or whatever the cause, or for any decrease in the value of other goods or components, whatever the result or consequence resulting from the use of ftd ltd products. 6.4 Without prejudice to the foregoing, the responsibility of ftd ltd resulting from a contract or negligence or otherwise shall in no event include damages for the cost of manpower and upon removal reassembly of a turbocharger. 6.5 Without prejudice to the foregoing, the responsibility of ftd ltd, it results from a contract or negligence or otherwise, shall include in any case the damages for loss of use or travel costs. 6.6 Without prejudice to the foregoing, the responsibility of ftd ltd resulting from a contract or negligence or otherwise shall in no event include damages for loss of profits.

Vat of these goods or parts of goods covered by the claim. 6.8 Without prejudice to the foregoing, ftd Ltd. Will not be responsible for injury or damage to an engine or vehicle by a defective turbocharger when the turbocharger is mounted on a modified engine or the vehicle is used in a racing form.

6.9 no exclusions or limitations above of ftd ltd responsibility applies to all claims for death or personal injury resulting from negligence by making this purchase, I confirm that I accept all the conditions of sale below above. Make and model year code kw hp engine number Item number oe astra h 132 kW 1.6 turbo 180 horsepower z16let 53039980110 5860016 astra j z16let 1.6 turbo 132 kW 180 hp 53039980110 5860016 z16let 110kw 150hp 53039980110 5860016 Opel corsa d 1.6 vxr z16ler 141 kilowatts 192 horsepower 132 kilowatts z16let 53039980110 5860016 53039980110 5860016 z16let 180 horsepower 132 kilowatts 180 horsepower 53039980110 5860016 item number comparison number 5303 970 0110 5,860,016 55,355,617 significant 1. Vauxhall, opel, astra h astra h, 1.6 turbo. Corsa, meriva, insignia, vxr, UCI. J Astra, Corsa d, garrett, BorgWarner, kkk, ihi.

5303 998 0110, 988 5303 0110. 150 bhp, 110 kilowatts 180 bhp, 132 kilowatts, 192 bhp, 141 kilowatts. The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: europe, usa, japan, canada, australia.

  1. reference number oe / OEM: 5303 970 0110 <\/ li>
  2. Custom beam: No <\/ li>
  3. modified object: No <\/ li>
  4. brand: BorgWarner <\/ li>
  5. manufacturer part number: 53039980110, 53039880110, 53039700110 <\/ li>
  6. Non-Domestic Product: No <\/ li>
  7. Type: turbo <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Opel Meriva 1.6 Turbo 132kw Z16let Ticket Extending Turbocharger 53039700110  Opel Meriva 1.6 Turbo 132kw Z16let Ticket Extending Turbocharger 53039700110