Opel Astra Vxr

Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15

Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15
Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15
Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15
Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15
Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15

Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15    Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15

Astra j vxr 2.0t secondary-cat stainless steel exhaust pipe, 09-15. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us.

Vauxhall Astra vxr 2.0t secondary exhaust pipe stainless steel decat, 09-15. This hose replaces the secondary cat with a straight pipe.

It is made from a tube of 70 mm which gives excellent flow and able to handle high power applications if the turbo saw its increased boost. Suitable for all vxr astra j (mk6) from 2009 to 2015. Comes with everything you see in the photos, including gaskets and bolts.

Manufactured by malian exhausts in stainless steel of high quality and complete with a mounting kit, this exhaust is really easy to install and will last for many years to come. All welds are performed using TIG for a final quality and appearance. The installation of this hose on your car will likely result in failure of technical control and it is not legal to drive on the roads of the UK, for other countries, please contact your relevant government department.

Once mounted, the car will have more power and an exhaust note slightly deeper. With over 15 years of experience in the automotive and auto parts, we have developed a range of exhaust components, chassis, cooling and that race promise to meet the same limits the capabilities of your vehicle. With a development and careful testing, we use our knowledge in reverse engineering design and to continually improve the form and function of these integral parts. Our team of research and development (R & D) and storage are all based here in the UK.

We have the facilities and design skills to be able to manufacture products specifically for the needs of your vehicle. Please note that the minimum order quantities apply, but we work with you to keep them flexible and as low as possible. Contact us for more information. Through three dynamic brands: skadi, malian and barbarian, you can explore a full range of products designed to unleash the true potential of your driving experience. We recommend that you install all the parts by a qualified professional motorsport. Kage Trading Limited is also able to accept payment via ferries - online or by visiting your local bank - including international bank transfers. All orders placed before 13h will be shipped the same day (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays). Customers will be informed directly of any backorder or article whose delivery time is longer. Please note that for UK customers outside the mainland UK (including Northern Ireland, the Highlands and Islands, the Channel Islands, additional charges may apply for shipments by mail). We ship daily worldwide and are proud of our rapid delivery times. Cancellation and return policy 4.1 if you want to cancel your order: (a) you can inform us. See the contact us page for details; or (b) where goods have already been shipped to you, in us returning the goods in accordance with clause 4.2 below. The cost to return safely and securely all unwanted items solely with the purchaser. 4.2: any goods return must be notified in writing within 14 working days from the day of receipt. Any non-defective merchandise returned outside the period of 7 days without notice during the period that we reserve the right to refuse. 4.3: the rights to send back the goods as mentioned in clause 4.2 will not apply in the event; has the product has been used b if the goods do not return us in the same condition as sent, returned items may be subject to a fee at the discretion of Kage Trading Limited.

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With over 15 years experience in the design, reverse engineering and improvement of auto parts, we have the ability to create the best products on the market. Our R & D and our warehouses are all based in the UK with manufacturing outsourced to various companies abroad. We have the ability to manufacture products specifically for you, there will be of course a minimum order quantity but we try to keep as low as possible.

Everything you find in our store is in stock in the UK, ready to ship immediately, so there's no waiting for the parts to arrive. Longer and we will come back on. We also accept payment by credit card by phone - 01663 211022 or cash on collection. If you make a collection in our store hazel grove - unit 2 Watchgate, newby road, hazel grove, stockport, SK7 5db - please give notice at least 24 hours. Deliveries in the UK we strive to ship all items the same day.

About Returns payment feedback contact us item description deliveries in the UK international cancellation policy delivery and return 4.1 if you want to cancel your order: a product was used guarantees and guarantees products About payment deliveries in the UK policy of cancellation and return 4.1 Returns: if you want to cancel your order: a product was used guarantees and guarantees of return products information contact us. The item \\ exhausts \ exhaust elbows. \ This item can be shipped to the following countries: america, europe, asia, australia.

  1. Vehicle production year3: 2011 <\/ li>
  2. Vehicle production annum5: 2013 <\/ li>
  3. tube size: 2.75 \
  4. Vehicle production year 2: 2009 <\/ li>
  5. Vehicle production year1: 2014 <\/ li>
  6. vehicle manufacturer: Vauxhall <\/ li>
  7. Vehicle production year6: 2012 <\/ li>
  8. Vehicle production an4: 2010 <\/ li>
  9. brand: malian exhausts <\/ li>
  10. Engine size: 2.0t <\/ li>
  11. location on the vehicle, de-cat <\/ li>
  12. Vehicle production year: 2015 <\/ li>
  13. Fixing important info: see description object <\/ li>
  14. material: stainless steel <\/ li>
  15. vehicle model: astra j (mk6) vxr <\/ li>
  16. installation kit included ?: yes <\/ li>
  17. manufacturer part number: 071-evil <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15    Opel Astra Vxr 2.0t Secondary-cat Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipe, 09-15