Opel Astra Vxr

Opel Astra Vxr 2.0 (240) 05-10 Ebc Before Redstuff Brake Pads Dp31414c

Opel Astra Vxr 2.0 (240) 05-10 Ebc Before Redstuff Brake Pads Dp31414c

Opel Astra Vxr 2.0 (240) 05-10 Ebc Before Redstuff Brake Pads Dp31414c    Opel Astra Vxr 2.0 (240) 05-10 Ebc Before Redstuff Brake Pads Dp31414c

Astra vxr 2.0 (240) 05-10 ebc before Redstuff dp31414c brake pads. This product was originally written in English.

Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. Welcome to our list for this front together ebc Redstuff ceramic brake pads. These brake pads improve the standard brake pads on the following applications.

Vauxhall astra vxr 2.0 (240bhp) 2005-10. Ebc is one of the worlds top brake discs, pads and battery manufacturers with the most successful products of the first prize and used wrc rally. Less dust - proven to reduce dust on platelets and proven to stop more quickly.

Tests have shown that red détoffe pads can stop faster sedan 100 mi / h 13 m. A must have for any application + 250bhp.

Fantastic for racing or highway where a repeated heavy braking is required. Delivery is mailed to the mainland of the United Kingdom on a next day service. Please allow us 5 days to the handling and packaging of your items. We can also send across the world, but because of the weight of platelets, we recommend that you request a shipping quote before purchasing. Checks - wait 5 to 7 days clear before shipment.

Nb: the image used is a photo please read: it is important to ensure that you buy wafers suitable for your car. This is because these plates are regulated by the eu as a r90 product and condition of eu rules which, once opened, they can not be resold.

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Buying means that you buy directly from the importer, so are the prices are always the best. Over the last 9 years by motorbling we have also expanded our range of spare parts for standard products such as brake pads ebc and wing mirrors lucas, so that we can now offer everything you need to customization, performance standard spare parts for the word's and general repairs. We offer great service and discounted prices so why buy elsewhere. All items are shipping and processing delays in the list, so please read this section to get an idea of ​​how long your product will take to reach you. Please remember when leaving feedback and seller rating scores you judge us on the shipping time and not the postal company used.

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  • brand: ebc brakes <\/ li>
  • Manufacturer Piece: ebc brake <\/ li>
  • manufacturer part number: dp31414c <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Opel Astra Vxr 2.0 (240) 05-10 Ebc Before Redstuff Brake Pads Dp31414c    Opel Astra Vxr 2.0 (240) 05-10 Ebc Before Redstuff Brake Pads Dp31414c