Opel Astra Vxr

Injector Dynamics Id1050x Opel Astra Vxr / Opc / Z20let / Gsi / Coupe (4)

Injector Dynamics Id1050x Opel Astra Vxr / Opc / Z20let / Gsi / Coupe (4)

Injector Dynamics Id1050x Opel Astra Vxr / Opc / Z20let / Gsi / Coupe (4)   Injector Dynamics Id1050x Opel Astra Vxr / Opc / Z20let / Gsi / Coupe (4)

Injector dynamics id1050x - opel astra vxr / opc / z20let / gsi / coupe (4). This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation into French. If you have questions please contact us. A fitting & fuel rail adapter.

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Dynamic injector id1050x - vauxhall astra vxr / opc / z20let / z20leh / gsi / cup (4). The last id1050x that replaced the id1000! The id1050x is the evolution of the id1000 and the newest of the x-serie series. This is the newest offering of the dynamics of the injector and bosch motorsport partnership, and is the result of the lessons learned during the development of the id1300x and id1700x.

Like id1300x and id1700x, the id1050x is not an updated component. It is built to spec spec enginesport, optimizing important critical operating parameters offering you, the motorsport tuner.

Compared to the original id1000, the id1050x offers many improvements and is sure to become the new benchmark. Internals corrosion resistant make it compatible with all known fuels, capable of long life with corrosive fuels. Compact body allows mounting in the 200 + applications, including current and future engines using short body injectors. Internal circulation improvement path increases the output by 5% without sacrificing low flow performance.

Stronger magnetic circuit provides stable operation up to 10 bar. Replaceable filter prolongs the service life. Pnp ev1 adapters included at no extra cost! All id injectors are provided. Our name says it all, fuel performance, at the time of fuel delivery, we have what it takes.

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  1. country of manufacture: united states <\/ li>
  2. brand: injector dynamics <\/ li>
  3. Manufacturer Part Number: 1050. <\/ li>
  4. type: fuel injector <\/ li>
  5. location on the vehicle: before <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Injector Dynamics Id1050x Opel Astra Vxr / Opc / Z20let / Gsi / Coupe (4)   Injector Dynamics Id1050x Opel Astra Vxr / Opc / Z20let / Gsi / Coupe (4)