Opel Astra Vxr

Vx71 Cobra Exhaust For Opel Astra H Vxr 0511 Catback Sys Non-res

Vx71 Cobra Exhaust For Opel Astra H Vxr 0511 Catback Sys Non-res
Vx71 Cobra Exhaust For Opel Astra H Vxr 0511 Catback Sys Non-res

Vx71 Cobra Exhaust For Opel Astra H Vxr 0511 Catback Sys Non-res    Vx71 Cobra Exhaust For Opel Astra H Vxr 0511 Catback Sys Non-res
Vx71 cobra exhaust for opel astra h vxr 05> 11 catback sys non-res. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation into French. If you have questions please contact us.

Vx71 cobra exhaust fit vauxhall astra h vxr 05> 11 catback sys non-res. Vx71 cobra ss exhaust fit vauxhall astra h vxr 05> 11 cat back system (non-echo). Cobra Sport Exhausts is a company specializing in the manufacture of stainless steel exhaust and exhaust performance which is sold worldwide for many applications.

The legacy in the UK's performance exhaust gas market stretches for over four decades with evidence of a commitment to continuous improvement and investment in new exhaust technology. This commitment has enabled the company to receive the \Cobra range of performance sports exhausts demonstrate the highest quality of workmanship, each system is handcrafted in sheffield and an in-house expertise ensures that all cobra sport exhausts are designed with higher tolerances ensuring a perfect fit the first time , great performance and a really perfect terrain his exhaust. Exhausting the sport cobra, production facilities are ready to produce high-volume exhaust performance not only for themselves but also for customers like uk subaru, isuzu uk and ginetta cars, to name a few. This does not prevent us from working for customers on an individual proto-type \Precision power, accompanied by a sensational appearance and an inspirational sound is the promise of Cobra Sport.

Cobra Sport brings four decades of innovative design and manufacturing expertise unmatched to their performance exhaust range that fit the aspirations of the most demanding driver. Designed for higher tolerances with the bending of mandrel tubes to ensure a smooth surface without restricting airflow, advanced manufacturing techniques and superior tig welding processes produce a superlative finish, while total precision and extensive testing ensures a smooth fit perfect the first time and a sound really not perfect.

\From the very beginning of the exhaust development process it was apparent that the cobra sport exhausts has a wealth of knowledge, expertise combined with the high quality of manufacturing in stainless steel exhaust gases and their guaranteed backup fully supports their product. Sport cobra housings are filled with continuous fiberglass.

These fibers are able to withstand severe thermal shock remaining stable in harsh environments. Glass fibers have warm and acoustic absorption properties as well as the ability to recover from extreme compression, offer excellent acoustic properties and remain stable at high temperatures over 850 deg C, making them ideal for use in the performance of exhaust systems . Inert gas tungsten (TIG) is used on all cobra sport exhaust systems giving a superior mig weld finish and higher exhaust gas quality welds available in the market. The tig welding on the boxes and tubings produces a very precise weld leaving no splashes and edges extremely neat. What warranty do you offer?

Our lifetime warranty covers any manufacturing defect for the original buyer. Provided that any claim results from normal use and the car has not undergone any excessive engine modifications. Our sport catalytic converters have a 2 year warranty on defects only. As we deal directly with the consumers ourselves our after-sales service is of utmost importance and allows us to adopt a flexible approach examines each case individually.

How long will I receive my exhaust? We aim to offer in 7-10 business days following you placing your order. However, please allow up to 20 days for deliveries as indicated in our general conditions of sale. We always recommend that you have your exhaust mounted professionally for safety reasons and to ensure a perfect fit.

There are many garages able to provide this service and we are happy to make recommendations in your area. We also offer an assembly service in our factory workshops by appointment, please contact us for more details.

My exhaust will require maintenance? Regular cleaning / polishing will retain the polished appearance of the system and exhaust outlets.

Supports and rubbers must be checked annually and may need to be replaced at any time during the duration of your exhaust. Provided these items are checked and maintained, your exhaust will provide several years of free automotive troubles. Will I get a fixing kit? Yes, we want to send all the necessary parts so that you can adapt our exhausts to your car with ease. On the rare occasions and depending on what part may have been on your car, you may need to buy parts by traders that we can not source.

Do I have to modify my car to fit a cobra sport exhaust outlet? No, our exhausts are designed to be exact replacements for original equipment exhausts and we provide a mounting kit, so you'll have everything you need to fit one of our systems to your car. Some exhaust gases may require rear-end use, valances, please contact us for further information. What is a blackout ceramic coated exhaust? Some of our exhausts come with an option of a \How are your exhausts done?

All our exhaust pipes are made of 304 grade stainless steel aircraft and built using precision tig welding with mandrel formed of curves in the pipe work for smoother gas flow. We pride ourselves in producing high quality products. What sound can I expect from your exhausts?

Our exhausts will have a sportier tone than the original equipment exhausts. This is an inevitable consequence of the less restrictive systems we produce. However, with the meticulous design and production methods, we seek to maintain a subtle sporty tone. If you prefer a strong system, then that of our non-resonated (without center box) exhaust systems will give a stronger exhaust note. Many of our products have an exhaust film and give you an idea of ​​the sound you can expect.

Please contact us if you need any other information or advice. What power gains can I expect to get? Of course, this varies from engine to engine, our systems are designed and manufactured to maximize gas flow with increased diameter piping, without mufflers and chuck bends that provide a much less restrictive exhaust system than Original equipment exhausts, resulting in a better engine circulating response and increase in bhp. In general, you can expect an increase of about 10% over the installation of a cat-back system.

Some individual products also show approximate power gains. Is it legal to put a sports exhaust on my car?

This has always been a gray area in some countries and there is not a fixed rule for all, but we always recommend checking with your local authorities and the insurance company (as some insurance companies as an excuse to escalate prices). The underside should be used simply as a guide. UK, USA & Australia - (No decibel level set at the discretion of the tester if it is worthy of road). Europe (excluding the uk) then you must have a tuv certificate to hand over to your test. Is it legal to put a de-cat hose on my car?

You can only cat out your car if it was registered before 1992, otherwise it will fail the emissions check at the station of your word. Our cats sold for cars after this year are designed for off-road use only. Will my car need remapping?

If you adjust a cat feedback system to your car, it has no effect on engine management operations. What is the difference between the resonated and unresolved systems?

Resonators are box chambers incorporated into the exhaust system, which serve to fabricate the silencer silencer, canceling certain sound frequencies. A non-exhausted exhaust system will therefore, give a stronger exhaust note and a resonant exhaust, a silent exhaust note.

Or the other option will provide even better performance and improved sound compared to the original hardware exhaust. What is a slash-cut exhaust pipe?

Slash-cut thrusters are finished and cut at a 15-degree angle, and are suitable for certain types of vehicles depending on the shape of the bumper and the overall aesthetics of the vehicle. If you need advice on which exhaust pipe would be most suitable for your car, please give us a call.

What will be the finish of my exhaust? All our exhausts come with highly polished mirror finish nozzles and rear boxes. All other pipes and joints etc, will be a polished matte finish. If you do not want very polished piping this is now available as an option when purchasing through our website. How can I keep my exhaust as new?

If you do not clean your exhaust / exhaust system, it will eventually fade and be more difficult to bring back to its original finish. Regular cleaning with a non-abrasive metal polish such as solvol autosol® will ensure that your exhaust system continues to look like new. To pay for your goods, please use the debay payment.

For more details on the delivery options we have and the costs please click here. For more details on our return policy please click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss anything you might have a question about. We are proud of quality service and we are happy to answer any concerns. Contact us via the debay or messaging system. Add our shop to your favorites & receive the electronic newsletter on new items & special offers. \The seller is \This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

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    Vx71 Cobra Exhaust For Opel Astra H Vxr 0511 Catback Sys Non-res    Vx71 Cobra Exhaust For Opel Astra H Vxr 0511 Catback Sys Non-res