Opel Astra Vxr

Opel Astra Mk5 H (04-10) 1 Piece Fr Arb Bush 2.0l Incl Vxr Powerflex Kit

Opel Astra Mk5 H (04-10) 1 Piece Fr Arb Bush 2.0l Incl Vxr Powerflex Kit

Opel Astra Mk5 H (04-10) 1 Piece Fr Arb Bush 2.0l Incl Vxr Powerflex Kit    Opel Astra Mk5 H (04-10) 1 Piece Fr Arb Bush 2.0l Incl Vxr Powerflex Kit

Opel astra mk5 - h (04-10) 1 piece fr arb bush incl 2.0l vxr powerflex kit. This product sheet is originally written in English.

Please find below an automatic translation into French. If you have questions please contact us. Opel astra mk5 - astra h (04-10) 1 piece before arb bush, 2.0 l cars inc vxr powerflex bush complete kit. To identify the location of the bushings in this kit on your vehicle, please refer to the following diagram. Please note: we have not understood stop bump or exhaust rubbers in this kit as track concentrate a lot of cars already have modified versions of these items. Definition of a \Under no circumstances should this be a complete list of all bushes and mounts originally fitted to the vehicle as there may be several other parts that the original manufacturer produces but powerflex does not do at this time, so we do not include the stops of suspension or exhaust rubbers. To be sure of the contents of the kit please refer to the vehicle diagram and the complete list of part numbers below. Cars - fast and up-to-date road cars - road racing and competition cars? What kind of powerflex bushes do you need? Before ordering these brilliant powerflex bushes just ask what you want to achieve?

If you have old, worn or shoddy original parts replaced and you want the best road handling, less tire wear and increased safety then the purple, yellow and red 'powerflex road series' bushes are for you. If you plan on using your car track days and at race meetings then the bushes 'powerflex black series' should be your choice. The black bushes are stiffer than the \This kit contains the following: where there is an option (or) please tell us which you would like us to send with your kit. Diagram 1: front bush before triangle.

Pff80-801 (quantity 2) diagram 2: front triangle rear bush. Pff80-802 (quantity 2) diagram ref 3 or: front anti-roll bar bush 21mm (1 piece). Pff80-1303-21 (quantity 2) diagram ref 3 or: front anti-roll bar bush 22mm (1 piece).

Pff80-1303-22 (quantity 2) diagram ref: 5 rear beam bush assembly. Pfr80-1310 (quantity 2) diagram ref 20: lower front motor mounting insert.

Pff80-1320 (quantity 1) ref 21 diagram: gearbox mount insert. Pff80-1321 (quantity 1) not on the diagram: poweralign camber bolt kit (12mm). The kit contains the following assembly notes that relate to the items it contains. Pff80-1320- pff80-1320 for models with engine types 2.0 l z20lel / r / h.

Pff80-1320 is an insert for the original assembly. It is not a full replacement bush. Pff80-1321- fits 2.0 turbo gasoline engines, engine codes z20lel, r & h. This includes the vxr template.

Also suitable for 1.9 cdti 8v and 16v (z19dtx) vehicles. (some extra shaking may be felt on diesel models) pfa100-12- kit contains 2 camber bolts, washers and nuts. Camber adjusting bolt to replace the original 12mm bolt.

Why not add our magnetic camber gauge in your tool kit so that you can make pit garage adjustments to your suspension using poweralign camber bolts. To be sure of the correct installation, please use the other specification data above to help you. If you are still uncertain please do not hesitate to contact us with your uk car registration or chassis number, and we will gladly help you identify the right parts needed before ordering. We ship powerflex products from all over the world. Please contact us for a delivery quote if your country is not in the list.

We also sell various other powerflex bushes for this model. These can include items such as superimposed triangle bushes, anti-roll bar bushes, bush rack direction, bumpstops suspension, rear axle bushes etc. Bushes are one of the most heavily stressed items, mounted on a car.

They are under tremendous pressure, in the most arduous of the maintenance-free or lubricated conditions. Conventional rubber bushes deteriorate with age, allowing movement of suspension elements and geometry. This can cause tire wear, instability and poor handling deviation and brake motor. This compound overcomes the common problem associated with more difficult bushes which is the increase of noise.

In correct engineering the polyurethane bushes can be made 25-30% more rigid than rubber bushes, but with exactly the same sound absorption properties. Unlike old-fashioned poly bush technology any increase in vibration / shock experienced in the vehicle is normally undetectable. We also sell powerflex bushes for most other car brands. C & r sells a wide range of spare parts and high performance for your vw, audi, seat and skoda. Stocking only high quality brands such as: kah, black diamond, goodridge, piper, kent, jetex, superpro, powerflex, prothane, vibra technics, redline, eibach, koni and weitec.

We are not just \C & R Enterprises Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda Specialists. Astra mk5 - astra h (04-10). The item \, styling \ suspension \ sleeve bearings \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: America, Europe, Asia, Australia.
  1. brand: powerflex <\/ li>
  2. manufacturer: opel <\/ li>
  3. model: astra mk5 - astra h (04-10) <\/ li>
  4. Manufacturer Part Number: pflexk1003 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Opel Astra Mk5 H (04-10) 1 Piece Fr Arb Bush 2.0l Incl Vxr Powerflex Kit    Opel Astra Mk5 H (04-10) 1 Piece Fr Arb Bush 2.0l Incl Vxr Powerflex Kit